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Incremental Housing for Post-Earthquake Kathmandu

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This urban development proposal in Kathmandu, Nepal uses the concept of incremental housing in which residents are given a core infrastructure unit with the opportunity to expand in the future. To better choreograph the unpredictable expansion phases of the development, expansion indicators such as supports and second story connections are prefabricated into the core infrastructure unit. 


Being located in a seismic zone, materials have a tremendous effect on sustainability. For that reason, a strong masonry infrastructure core and bamboo based wattle and daub expansion system have been implemented providing the necessary strength and flexibility needed to diminish the destruction of the structure. 

Implementing a design on all these fronts creates a strong and sustainable community. The belief that bamboo is a “poor man’s” building material needs to be eradicated. Being readily available and versatile in use, bamboo is an ideal material for someone building with sustainability in mind.


Kathmandu, Nepal


Spring 2016

Programs Used




V Ray for sketchup


Chris Guignion

University of Pittsburgh

B.A. 2017

Studio 3 Unit Concepts (2017_09_08 02_21
exploded axon (2017_09_08 02_21_45 UTC).
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Studio 3 Model (2017_09_08 02_21_45 UTC)
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